A few words about us

We Put The FUN In Fly Fishing...

Fintek Fishing was conjured into official existence in 2015 after several years were spent observing and studying the International marketplace for Fly Fishing gear.

First, we acknowledge the fact that many anglers eagerly await each season’s release of the finest Fly Fishing gear ever made. That being said, plenty of folks habitually spring for the latest and greatest gear each year. Many are willing to pay full retail price, also because we very much want the manufacturers to prosper and for the fly shops - the crucial mainstays of the Fly Fishing community- to thrive, we're delighted that they do.

Fly Fishing often seems to be portrayed as an elite form of fishing that only people with the fattest wallets can afford to do as it requires top of the line equipment, which is to some extent is a myth.

However just like any other hobby Fly Fishing can get fairly expensive, specially if you buy top of the line equipment, which we all like to do (as much as we don’t like admitting to it).

Not everyone is able to pay full retail, and over the years a few of us (like the folks at Fintek) have become ever so slightly cynical about the hyperbolic promotional touting each year’s dazzling new products, particularly when they’re accompanied by price increases.

As seasoned anglers and long-time gear aficionados ourselves, we understand how the game works, but we’ve never been able to shake the nagging suspicion that most of this year’s glorious innovations turn out to be only incremental improvements on last season’s gear, the majority of which is already more than adequate for virtually every conceivable real-life fishing situation.

Like many of you, we’re budget-minded fishermen who don't mind if the cork grip on our latest new-to-us rod has a smudge or two. We’re keenly aware that many closets are brimming with top-shelf gear that’s been collecting more dust than memories for years. After putting all these pieces together, we realized that there’s significant demand for high quality pre-owned gear, as long as the prices are reasonable, the descriptions are detailed and reliable, and the service is friendly, fair and fast.

Fintek Fishing was created to help both new and seasoned anglers get into the gear they want at fair prices, thereby expanding the number of people engaged in Fly Fishing, conservation, and the global Fly Fishing community.

From word-of-mouth and social media, we’ve now created a sustainable online shopping experience for everyone where high-quality Pre-owned gear can be bought, upgraded, and traded at a cost that is under retail, eliminating the overhead of the fee structures charged by the various online Internet auction sites and Marketplaces...