A few words about us

Fintek Fishing came into official existence in 2015 following years of meticulous observation and study of the international market for Fly Fishing equipment. While it's undeniable that numerous anglers eagerly anticipate the annual release of the finest Fly Fishing gear ever crafted, there are also many individuals who routinely invest in the latest and most advanced gear each year. This willingness to pay full retail price reflects a genuine desire to support manufacturers' success and ensure the thriving of fly shops, which serve as essential pillars of the Fly Fishing community – a fact that truly pleases us.

Our Business Model...

Fintek specializes in the acquisition and subsequent resale of "NEW old stock inventory," a specialized term widely recognized in the Fly Fishing industry. This pertains to the strategic practice of sourcing and reselling discontinued stock (primarily encompassing fly rods and fly reels) in pristine, unused condition. These items are procured from a diverse range of sources, including retailers, distributors, estate sales, manufacturers, and occasionally private individuals. The credence that "New Doesn't Mean Better" and the axiom that "the latest is not always the greatest" are familiar expressions that resonate with many. At FINTEK, we firmly embrace these principles. Our mission revolves around affording our customers a renewed opportunity to acquire coveted fly-fishing inventory from earlier releases, providing them a second chance to secure items that might have been overshadowed by newer models.. Please see our FAQ section for more details about our gear and what we do.

Putting the FUN In Fly Fishing...

Fly Fishing is often depicted as an exclusive angling pursuit reserved for those with substantial financial resources, seemingly necessitating top-tier gear—an assumption that, to some degree, is a misconception..

Nevertheless, akin to any other pastime, Fly Fishing can indeed become financially demanding, particularly if one opts for high-end equipment—a tendency most of us find ourselves inclined toward (albeit somewhat reluctantly). The truth remains that not everyone can comfortably meet the full retail costs. Over time, some of us, like the individuals at Fintek, have developed a certain level of skepticism regarding the exaggerated promotional hype surrounding the latest products each year, especially when they come paired with price hikes.

Drawing upon our experiences as seasoned anglers and devoted gear enthusiasts, we possess an inherent understanding of how this cycle operates. Nonetheless, a persistent inkling lingers within us that a significant portion of this year's celebrated innovations merely represent marginal enhancements to the gear of the previous season—gear that, for the most part, is already more than sufficient for virtually any practical fishing scenario one might encounter.

Offering an avenue for missed opportunities ..

Much like many of you, we're anglers who are mindful of our budgets, finding no qualms if the cork grip on our recently acquired rod shows a smudge or two. It's not lost on us that numerous closets are brimming with premium-grade gear that's gathered more dust than cherished memories over the years.

After piecing together these observations, a realization dawned upon us: there exists a substantial demand for top-notch, pre-owned gear, provided the pricing is sensible, the descriptions are thorough and dependable, and the service is characterized by friendliness, fairness, and efficiency.

With this insight driving us, Fintek Fishing's online fly fishing store was established. Its purpose is to facilitate the accessibility of coveted gear for both newcomers and experienced anglers, all at equitable prices. This endeavor seeks to broaden the participation of individuals in Fly Fishing, foster conservation efforts, and strengthen the global Fly Fishing community.

Having gained traction through word-of-mouth and social media, we've now cultivated a sustainable online fly fishing store environment that caters to all. Here, high-quality pre-owned gear can be procured, enhanced, and exchanged at costs lower than retail—thus negating the overhead imposed by fee structures on various online auction platforms and marketplaces.