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HARDY Fortuna XDS Reel

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The hum of a reel is music to your ears. Your fishing gear may not be a cantata, but if it was, the Hardy Fortuna XDS would sing the most popular...

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The hum of a reel is music to your ears.

Your fishing gear may not be a cantata, but if it was, the Hardy Fortuna XDS would sing the most popular movement. It harmonizes strength and weight with a lightweight design and a drag pressure of up to thirty pounds. The drag has 340 degrees of adjustment and a color-coded regulator to keep it precisely in tune, and a captive spool release to ensure you can change lines without hassle. This reel is a big game angler’s dream. The Fortuna XDS features a ton of max drag (up to 30lbs), big game features that make fish-fighting easy, and a rugged frame/spool design. If you’re targeting Tarpon, Billfish, Sailfish, or even just shallow-water Bonefish, this reel is made to stand the test of time and help you catch more fish.

  • Reel for saltwater fishing
  • Disc drag is smooth and strong
  • Drag pressure up to 30 lbs
  • Large arbor for fast line pickup
Reel Model Weight Drag Type Capacity Line Weight Color MSRP
6000 8.6oz Sealed WF8+200,  6/7/8 Titanium/Blue $799.00
8000 9.1oz Sealed WF10+187  8/9/10 Titanium/Blue $849.00
10000 12.3 oz
Sealed WF12+340  10/11/12 Titanium/Blue $899.00
12000 13.5 oz
Sealed WF14+550 12+ Titanium/Blue $949.00



Big Game Design - The Fortuna XDS is made for the big-game saltwater angler. The reel is rugged and extremely durable with a fully machined design. Like any good saltwater reel, the Fortuna XDS also has a fully sealed drag that’s impervious to the elements. Hardy has also included some intelligent porting, a captive spool release system, and a hugely strong drag system on this reel. Additionally, Hardy has added a big game handle to the reel for maximum leverage power when fighting the largest fish in the ocean.


Two-Tone Anodized Finish - The two-tone anodizing on the Fortuna XDS is rigid, strong, and saltwater safe to preserve the structure of the reel and to increase durability. Type II anodizing holds up well to dings and scrapes. It also protects the reel from harsh weather conditions and ensures high performance for the lifetime of the reel.


6061 Bar Stock Aluminum - The Fortuna XDS is forged from aircraft-grade aluminum for a lightweight, rugged design that holds up to anything the angler throws at it. The porting on this reel is done intelligently to decrease overall reel weight without decreasing durability. 6061 aluminum is popular in the fly fishing industry because of its strong, resilient nature.


Type - The Fortuna XDS is built on a sealed disc drag system. Disc drags offer strong fish-stopping abilities and easy drag adjustability. This particular drag is sized perfectly to fit any saltwater angler’s needs without adding too much weight to the reel.

Materials - The disc drag on the Fortuna XDS is made with carbon fiber composite materials. Hardy has utilized carbon composites to keep the drag system lightweight without sacrificing strength or longevity. The Fortuna XDS sports class-leading drag pressure up to 30lbs!

Arbor Size

Large Arbor - The large arbor design of the Fortuna XDS allows anglers to pick line up quickly and efficiently. The reel also has plenty of backing capacity for the largest saltwater species. The reel’s large arbor design increases retrieval rates and helps you bring large fish to the boat quickly.

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